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Ultimate Body Transformation

12 Week Fitness Program


Wonder Waterbottle

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Hello gorgeous!

I’m Marialye, your new coach.

Welcome to your Ultimate Body Transformation Challenge! In this challenge, you will receive my best advice to optimize your results in a healthy, fast and efficient way. You will also find a lot of tips and tricks to maximize your physical abilities. Do not hesitate to ask me all your questions on our Facebook group to have access to my advice and support at any time during your journey! This challenge will provide you with a framework both in terms of diet and training. You will reach your goals in an easier and quicker way, food being an important dimension not to neglect!

Program Goals

Ultimate Weight Loss

Have you ever had the impression of having reached a plateau or not progressing as fast as you wanted? The explanation is simple: our bodies are well made and they adapt quickly to any stress or stimulation. If we do not bring novelty in our training to stimulate our bodies in different ways, our performances will not improve and our results either. That’s why I propose to you, with the Ultimate Body Transformation, a training in 2 phases. This will allow you to promote your fat loss, maintain your focus and motivation for the next 12 weeks and ultimately develop better athleticism. If you plan to do the challenge at home, you will need the following equipment: an exercise mat, a jump rope, a Swiss ball, a medium resistance band, sliding discs and weights of either 5 or 10 pounds, according to your strength.

Meal Plan

Muscle Gain For Your Booty and Healthy Weight Loss

This nutrition plan, structured in 3 phases, will provide you with the essential nutrients to lose the weight you have been dreaming to get rid of for a long time! It will allow you to shape your body and have the silhouette that you have been wishing for and finally, to maintain your results. Say goodbye to your extra pounds!

The Basics

Understanding Your Program

Whether you are a beginner in the gym or have a lot of experience, the terms that are commonly used in training can be confusing. Here is a basic list to help you start your challenge.


Refers to the number of ‘repetitions’ of each exercise you will do. A rep is a unique completion of the full range of motion of an exercise.
Ex. 12reps means that you have to do the same exercise 12 times.


Refers to a number of sets of repeti- tions to be performed one after the other wi- thout rest. Ex: 3x12 reps means 3 sets (sets) of 12 repetitions. It is therefore necessary to repeat the 12 repetitions 3 times.
Ex. 3x12 reps veut dire 3 sets (séries) de 12 répétitions. Il faut donc répéter 3 fois les 12 répétitions.


Refers to the rest period between sets.
Ex. 3x12reps Rest: 60 sec


Refers to two exercises perfor- med without rest. Once you have completed both exercises, you rest. This counts as a superset. When you see «3 sets» next to an exercise in a superset, it means you have to complete it 3 times, NOT the first exercise 3 times and the second 3 times, but the 2 exer- cises combined together, to do 3 times.


Refers to three exercises performed without rest. Once the 3 exercises have been completed, you have a break time before starting the exercises a second time, then a third time. The exercises will be identified as follows: 2a-2b-2c.


It is a combination of 4 or more exercises, performed one after the other, without rest. When you see «3 sets» next to an exercise in a circuit, it means you have to complete the whole circuit 3 times, NOT 1 exercise 3 times and then the next one. The exercises will be identified as follows: 3a-3b- 3c-3d- etc.


Barbell. This is a bar on which we can add weight.


Dumbbell. This is a weight that can be held with one hand.


Kettlebell. It is a ball-shaped weight with a large handle that can be held in one hand or with both hands.